All Students can obtain the library membership against the fee-receipt.  Students are required to fill in the membership form along with 2 stamp sized Photos. On completion of necessary formalities, students are given a Library membership number, which is unique, and a library card (borrower card) is issued to them.  All faculty members are the members of the library. On their appointment in the faculty Cadre they are allotted the membership against which they can borrow books and loose back issues of journals.  All other non teaching employees can avail of the library facilities alike faculty members. The library card remains valid for the period indicated on it, and the same can be issued Every academic year.


Books & General books are lent for home purpose to all eligible members.  Reference books, bound volumes journals are not lent out of the library.  The borrowing of books can be made against the library card only.  In order to get the books renewed, they have to be physically presented at the Circulation counters of the library. Books are reissued only if there is no claim.  A library user can reserve a book by filling up reservation form, for reservation of books at the library counter.  No book in damaged condition will be accepted from the reader.  Loss of book must be reported immediately. If the reader has lost a book he/she must have to replace the book or pay total price of the book.  The reader should check the book thoroughly for missing pages, chapters, pictures etc.  while borrowing the book.  The borrowing facility can be withdrawn or restricted in case of misbehavior or misuse of the library.  A fine of Rs. 3 is charged per day for books overdue.


All the students, faculty members and employees of the institute are entitled for the membership of library. Their entitlements, in terms of number of books (from general collections) that they can borrow and the permissible loan period is as Follows:

Category of Library Membership an loan period

Sr. No. Category No. of Books Loan Period
1 Faculty 03 One Semester
2 Lab Assistant 01 One Semester
3 Visiting Faculty 02 One Week
4 First year.  Students 02 Seven Days
5 Second  and third  year  students 02+01(Gen) Seven Days
6 First,second,third  Students (Book Bank) Set of 5 Books One Semester


  •  Readers are requested to observe Strict Silence in the Library.
  • Students must carry their Identity card with them, whenever they visit the Library.
  • Mobile phones are not allowed in the Library Premises.
  • Members are required to keep their bags/belongings on the storage rack.
  • Discussions and chit-chatting are not allowed in the Library.