Journals list

Sr No Journals Name Branch
1 Pramana - Journal of Physics(2773)
2 Sadhana Applied science
3 Down to Earth
4 Autocar india
5 international journals of Automobile engineering Automobile Engineering
6 Industrial Automation
7 industrial safety chronicle
8 civil engineering &construction Review
9 ICI journals
10 Indian Highway
11 IUP journal of structural engineering Civil Engineering
12 New Building Materials & construction world
13 The indian concrete journals
14 Digit
15 I-manager journals on software engineering Information technology Engineering
16 Journal of information technology and engineering
17 IETE Technical Review
18 Global Journal of Computer and Digital Techniques(11748)
19 International Journal of Software Engineering & Systems(11740)
20 Journal of Computer Hardware Engineering(11439 computer engineering
21 Global Journal of Embedded System in Engineering Research
22 Electronics for you E and TC Engineering
23 Journal of Electronic Engineering and Communication Engineering(11765)
24 Advanced journals in wireless &mobile communication
25 i-Manager Journal on Power Systems Engineering (JPS)(10305)
26 i-managers Journal on Circuits & Systems (JCIR)(9407
27 i-managers Journal on Communication Engineering & Systems Electrical engineering
28 i-managers Journal on Electrical Engineering(7643)
29 IEEMA Journal
30 Journal of Electrical Machines
31 Overdrive
32 Bulletin of Materials Science
33 Process & Plant Engineering
34 The Machinist (Formerly :-Instrumentation & Control Journal)(2150
35 Asian Review of Mechanical Engineering (8637) Mechanical Engineering
36 i-managers Journal on Mechanical Engineering(7641
37 Journal of Mechanics and MEMS (EP)(12960)